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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Draft 2001- Remembered- Round 1

Here is a recap of the first round picks from 2001 (First season). Just thought this would be a slight jog down memory lane. Especially for those of us, who have been here since the beginning. Without further ado, here are your first 10 draft picks…..ever.

1. Jake Caufield- P- St. Louis Unsigned

2. Michael Dillon- P- Scranton $ 3,910,000
Michael made a quick jump to the big leagues after spending only 3 years in the minors. He is #5 all time in winning percentage for the organization. Made one appearance in the all-star game in 2007.

3. Larry Brown- 2B- Ottawa $ 5,000,000
Larry was signed out of high school for the second highest signing bonus at the time. So, there were high expectations for this kid from the very beginning. Spent three years in the minors, where he was known for his power and speed. Currently is the career leader in stolen bases and 3rd in franchise history in home-runs. 4-time all-star and 2-time silver slugger at 2B.

4. Miguel Rijo- CF- Toledo $ 3,720,000
This lightning fast CF started his career in HiA and quickly ran his way into a starting spot on the big club in just two years. Has played a steady CF for Lowly over the years and was instrumental in the Roosters three WS appearances in four years.

5. Dante Edmonds- P- Santa Fe $ 3,630,000
Dante has been the type of pitcher most managers would love to have on their team. In fact most managers have had him on their teams. Dante has played for six different managers over his career.

6. Walt Coppolecchia- P- Cin Unsigned

7. David Galvez- P- Memphis $ 5,000,00
David was rushed to the majors after only one season. While the expectations were high, David as managed to stay on the big club most of his career. While the beginning of is career was difficult, he seems to have found his stride in Charleston. Made his all-star debut in 2008.

8. Russell Cunningham- SS- Mont $ 3,350,000
Russell was a former Deadbeat, who spent 4 years in the minors. Since being traded to his current team, Russell has put together a good career, despite being in a platoon role.

9. Thumper Peavy- RF- Fargo $ 3,250,000
Thumper is in only his 2nd year on the big club, having amassed over 3100 at bats in the minors. In his first year at the ML level, Thumper earned a gold glove in RF.

10. Ryan Nelson- P- Boise $ 3,250,000
Ryan rounds out the top ten picks. He has been a steady dose of “W’s “ for Dover, having collected 88 wins in just over six and a half seasons. He is a 2-time all-star and former gold glove winner in 2006.