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Friday, January 30, 2009

Franchise Rankings Cont.....

We finally crack the top twenty teams of the first 9 seasons of HBD fo.... Summer of 49. As we get closer to number one, you should notice the postseason achievements will start to get better. Now, I introduce the next four on our list, 20-17.

#20- Scranton Salt Dogs

Franchise Power Ranking: 31.0
Best Year: 101-61, S9 – Worst Year: 52-110, S1
Post Season Achievements: 2-Playoffs, 2-Division, 1- NLDS
Best Player: Wayne Leach
Best Pitcher: Elmer O'Toole

#19- Honolulu Dashboard Hula Dolls

Franchise Power Ranking: 38.0
Best Year: 101-61, S9 – Worst Year: 30-132, S5
Post Season Achievements: 2- Playoffs, 2-Division, 2-ALDS
Best Player: Octavio Infante
Best Pitcher: Jayson Harrison

#18- Washington DC 42’s

Franchise Power Ranking: 39.0
Best Year: 96-66, S1 & S8 – Worst Year: 55-107, S5
Post Season Achievements: 3-Playoffs, 3-Wild Card, 1-NLDS, 1-NLCS
Best Player: Ben Darwin
Best Pitcher: Jim Winchester

#17- Charleston Of Bricks (Chew)

Franchise Power Ranking: 39.5
Best Year: 101-61, S5 – Worst Year: 78-84, S2
Post Season Achievements: 4- Playoff, 4- Wild Card
Best Player: Hong-Chih Torres
Best Pitcher: David Galvez