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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top Five Franchises......

Here they are, the top five teams over the past 9 seasons. In no particular order..... Ok, in one specific order....

#5- Syracuse Saltine Warriors
Franchise Power Ranking: 67.5
Best Year: 104-58, S1 – Worst Year: 76-86, S4
Post Season Achievements: 6- Playoffs, 4- Division, 2- Wild Card, 1- NLDS, 1- NLCS, 1-WS
Best Player: Mariano Alvarez
Best Pitcher: Bobby Allen

#4- Los Angeles Angelenos (Kansas City)
Franchise Power Ranking: 69.0
Best Year: 115-47, S5 – Worst Year: 74-88, S9
Post Season Achievements: 8-Playoffs, 6-Division, 2- Wild Card, 3- ALDS
Best Player: TBA
Best Pitcher: TBA

#3- St. Louis Cardinals
Franchise Power Ranking: 79.5
Best Year: 110-52, S3 – Worst Year: 55-107, S9
Post Season Achievements: 6- Playoffs, 3-Division, 3-NLDS, 2- NLCS, 1-WS
Best Player: Jacque Lee
Best Pitcher: Del Moreno

#2- Atlanta Bravos (Toledo)
Franchise Power Ranking: 80.5
Best Year: 104-58, S5 – Worst Year: 76-86, S7
Post Season Achievements: 5-Playoffs, 5- Division, 4-NLDS, 3-NLCS
Best Player: TBA
Best Pitcher: TBA

#1- Durham Daddies
Franchise Power Ranking: 191.0
Best Year: 134-28, S4 – Worst Year: 92-70, S1
Post Season Achievements: 9- Playoff, 8- Division 1- Wild Card, 7- ALDS, 7- ALCS, 5- WS
Best Player: Benny Alfonseca
Best Pitcher: Todd Damon

Friday, March 6, 2009

Warriors Win Again.........

The Syracuse Warriors completed the improbable back-2-back championship run that many thought could not happen. After being the best team in the first half of the season, no one would have predicted the team slump that plagued the players in the second half. The rumblings from ownership were a little discerning. Namshub, Syracuse owner, was quoted in the local fishwrap, saying "In the revered history of this league I am currently working an historical collapse of unseen proportions." This was little over a week before his team clinched the #5 seed.

Someone famous, once said, "that is why they play the games"..... Nothing could be closer to the truth this year.

Congratulations Nams!!!!