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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Power Rankings- As Of 8-25-09 PM Games

Here are the updated Power Rankings. One team of note, Charleston of Bricks was the hottest team since the last poll, going 23-9. The coldest team?? Or should it be, the coldest TEAMS.... Boise, St. Louis and Louisville all won just 10 games out of 32. Ouch!

Here are the new Division rankings followed by the Power Poll. Enjoy.

Division Points
AL SOUTH 76.288
NL EAST 38.847
NL NORTH 37.330
AL NORTH 20.113
AL WEST -35.02
AL EAST -37.33
NL SOUTH -40.64
NL WEST -55.57

Team Ranking Points
Washington D.C. 42's 160.55
Syracuse Warriors 146.74
Honolulu Hula Dolls 145.02
San Juan Wrecking Crew 140.99
Charleston Of Bricks 110.86
Ottawa Rocks 103.73
Montgomery Daddies 99.98
Pawtucket Privateers 93.46
Toronto Make Believes 78.09
Scranton Salt Dogs 76.93
Anaheim Bombers 67.77
Detroit Domination 66.91
Chicago White Sox 64.56
Hartford Lebowskis 50.17
Dover 'Necks 43.59
Toledo mudhens 40.14
New Orleans Pelicans 30.23
Iowa City Screwballs 21.54
New York Highlanders 15.65
Louisville Derbies 12.88
Las Vegas Desert Devils 9.24
Oklahoma City Rams 7.84
Portland Showers 6.26
Kansas City Masterpieces -1.48
Boston Chokers -2.97
Nashville Thunder -3.77
St. Louis Cardinals -13.99
Salem Synethesians -23.76
Arizona Tuques -39.66
Philadelphia Flying Fish -81.40
Columbus Hammers -96.94
Boise Mashers -129.64

Friday, August 14, 2009

Power Rankings- As Of 8-14-09 PM Games

Here are the Power Rankings for the past week. Scale is the same as the previous week.

Here are the division rankings:

AL SOUTH34.591
NL EAST26.944
NL NORTH25.724
AL NORTH16.726
AL WEST-14.51
NL SOUTH-24.94
AL EAST-39.74
NL WEST-47.78


Elite Teams
Washington D.C. 42's130.46
San Juan Wrecking Crew116.03
Syracuse Saltine Warriors111.69
Honolulu Hula Dolls105.86

Great Teams
Montgomery Daddies


Above Average
Ottawa Rocks

Scranton Salt Dogs68.26

Middle Teams
Anaheim Bombers

Toronto Make Believes47.94
Dover 'Necks47.74
Hartford Lebowskis46.57
Detroit Domination45.34
Pawtucket Privateers44.57
Toledo mudhens40.34

Below Average
Chicago White Sox

Iowa City Screwballs34.06
New Orleans Pelicans26.12
Oklahoma City Rams23.40
Louisville Derbies22.38

Fighting Chance
St. Louis Cardinals

New York Highlanders13.46
Kansas City Masterpieces10.17
Las Vegas Desert Devils4.86
Portland Showers3.76
Charleston Of Bricks1.48
Boston Chokers0.27

Somethings Gone Wrong
Nashville Thunder


Salem Synethesians


Don't Ask
Arizona Tuques

Philadelphia Flying Fish-72.21
Boise Mashers-87.96
Columbus Hammers-90.30

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Power Rankings- Part II

Here are the new power rankings. I modified the system some more in hopes of getting a true picture of each team's strengths. I've also factored in the division rankings as well. Let me know if you agree with the latest power rankings. Points break down like this:

100 and up____________Elite
-19.99-0____________Gone Wrong
-40 and less____________Don't Even Ask

Team____________________Ranking Points
Washington D.C. 42's_____________97.13
Syracuse Saltine Warriors_________93.47
Honolulu Dashboard Hula Dolls______76.22
San Juan Wrecking Crew__________73.68
Montgomery Daddies____________72.12
Ottawa Rocks_________________60.57
Iowa City Screwballs____________58.18
Scranton Salt Dogs_____________55.08
Charleston Of Bricks____________50.37
Anaheim Bombers_____________47.49
Hartford Lebowskis____________39.01
Dover 'Necks_________________36.75
Toledo mudhens______________36.49
Chicago White Sox_____________34.84
New York Highlanders__________34.19
Toronto Make Believes__________28.37
New Orleans Pelicans___________26.04
Oklahoma City Rams___________19.99
Las Vegas Desert Devils_________19.51
Pawtucket Privateers___________18.81
Kansas City Masterpieces________15.50
Detroit Domination_____________14.77
Louisville Derbies_______________8.15
Boston Chokers________________4.79
Portland Showers_______________2.61
St. Louis Cardinals______________-8.90
Nashville Thunder_____________-19.25
Salem Synethesians____________-21.41
Arizona Tuques_______________-51.32
Boise Mashers________________-57.85
Columbus Hammers____________-69.63
Philadelphia Flying Fish__________-74.61

Monday, August 3, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are the new power rankings taken from the stats pages. After adjusting points based upon how far above and below a team was compared to the world average, I totaled the points and grouped the teams in to different categories. It is a little complicated and will probably go through many changes before I feel comfortable with the ranking system.

For now, it is what it is....

The Elite Teams:

147.778- Washington DC
145.521- Syracuse

The Great Teams:

129.726- San Juan
113.549- Ottawa
111.519- Iowa City
93.424- Honolulu

The Above Teams:

80.011- Hartford
64.585- Charleston
44.988- Montgomery

The Middle Teams:

38.483- Chicago
36.189- Anaheim
23.903- New Orleans
19.909- Dover
17.579- Scranton
12.832- Toronto
12.815- New York
11.005- Kansas City
4.386- Boston
2.361- Portland
2.335- Las Vegas
-10.745- Toledo

The Below Teams:

-17.970- Detroit
-18.283- Pawtucket
-44.118- Oklahoma City
-46.542- St. Louis

The Teams Still Fighting:

-62.921- Arizona
-76.536- Salem
-100.956- Louisville

The What's Gone Wrong Teams:

-119.797- Nashville
-172.842- Boise
-200.617- Columbus
-210.357- Philadelphia