Fair Play Committee Members

Bulls7210, Jweatherman, Rds_lsu, Ttnorm and Quebec.

Commissioner: Harkov

Monday, January 31, 2011

Congratulations to the Pelicans!!!

New Orleans has another trophy to add to their case.  rds_lsu has brought another championship to its fans, second title in the last four years.  The Pelicans beat the Dover 'Necks 4-2, in a match up of conference winners.  

With this win, the Pelicans become the fourth Wild Card team to win the fall classic. 

The 'Necks are only the second four seed to ever make it this far.  Salem was the other four seed in season 2002.

This is the eighth win for the NLers in the past nine seasons, including five in a row. This has been quite the turn around for the NL since the AL won six of the first eight.

Great season to all the owners and here's looking to 2018.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome New Owners

2017 season welcomes four new owners and one old one, errr, one previous owner. This season the AL adds Allsox, ericbergson, pjrobb, goochks and olemiss33. Allsox has the most experience of the five and SO49 welcomes its first rookie (olemiss33) to the league in over 10 years. A brief rundown on the new owners.

Seasons: 76
Wins: 6400+
Division Titles: 24
WS Titles: 2

Seasons: 36
Wins: 2900+
Division Titles: 8
WS Titles: 0

Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls Canaries (AL)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Seasons: 17
Wins: 1400
Division Titles: 3
WS Titles: 0

Houston We Have A Problem (AL)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Seasons: 5
Wins: 350+
Division Titles: 1
WS Titles: 0

Seasons: 0
Wins: 0
Division Titles: 0
WS Titles: 0

There you have it. Let's welcome in the new owners and at the sound of the bell, come out fighting.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Replacement Level Ratings- Year End Edition

So now that the regular season is over I computed the numbers for most valuable player per position group. I'm not estimating these numbers because I've got actual statistics, just not what my estimations had for players.

Replacement level was set at (AVG, OBP, SLG)
Catcher: .232/.304/.364
1B/COF/DH: .235/.303/.419
MIF/3B/CF: .226/.293/.373

Top 10 Catchers:

Julio Polanco (OK) 62.37
Gerald Williams (RIC) 59.21
Oswaldo Santayana (OTT) 57.18
Rafael Martin (CHA) 55.65
Pedro Vega (KC) 51.23
Quinn Smith (ROC) 50.02
Bronson Hawkins (LV) 45.86
Alex Sanchez (LOU) 45.67
Mateo Medrano (SLC) 43.57
Gus Cora (CHR) 43.32

Top 10 1B/COF/DH

Gregory Scott (NO) 101.38
Vic Tejada (NAS) 91.28
Peter Dong (RIC) 84.97
Bill Piper (KC) 74.48
Nick Regan (BOS) 72.22
Jeff Jennings (HON) 71.80
Jolbert Telemaco (PAW) 69.34
Brett Munoz (LR) 67.23
Clinton Lindsey (LV) 66.79
Don Wilkins (PAW) 66.30


Walt Brown (HON) 104.98
Dave Phillips (PAW) 102.23
Vic Gil (DOV) 85.08
Crash Hermanson (BOS) 83.81
Julio Segui (SWB) 81.86
Guillermo Estrada (BUR) 77.28
Trevor Moreno (BOS) 72.91
Chun-Lim Wang (LV) 64.98
Dan Franco (TOR) 63.66
Quilvio Cortes (DOV) 63.02

The numbers again are how many runs the player added compared to what an average team would be expected to score. More specifically the amount of runs they would add compared to a REPLACEMENT LEVEL player(which was defined above) would be expected to contribute. So that is why you see a couple MIF type guys have a lot of runs added. They put up 1B/COF numbers while being able to play a more demanding defensive position. Also these are just offensive statistics, so they don't look at how many runs a player might have given up because his defense was lousy(cough Crash Hermanson).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Division Rankings- All-Star Game Edition- 2016

NL North +29
NL South +18
AL East +10
NL East +6
AL West +4
AL North -4
AL South -7
NL West -56

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Division Rankings- 40 Game Edition- 2016

Here are the division power rankings for the first quarter of the season. Divisions are ranked in order of wins above 500. They are as follows:

NL East +13
NL South +7
NL North +3
AL South +3
AL East +2
AL West -1
AL North -4
NL West -23

Monday, August 9, 2010

ML Franchise Rankings- Season 15

Here are the current franchise rankings for the seasons completed. This takes into consideration the franchise's results for the past 15 seasons and applies a numerical value for each season. I then add all seasons together to come up with the final score. Bonus points are awarded for playoffs made, division titles, WS made and WS wins.

Teams Score

Texas 227.0
Syracuse 133.5
Richmond 119.0
Burlington 114.0
Honolulu 108.0
Ottawa 106.5
Charleston 104.0
New York 94.5
St. Louis 93.5
Detroit 92.0
Toronto 86.0
Las Vegas 80.0
Dover 78.5
New Orleans 77.0
Fresno 74.0
San Francisco 64.0
Portland 63.5
Louisville 63.0
Kansas City 61.5
Nashville 60.5
Pawtucket 59.0
Scranton 57.0
Boston 56.0
Oklahoma City 54.5
Little Rock 48.0
Charlotte 44.0
Cincinnati 43.5
Salt Lake City 42.0
Rochester 38.5
Cleveland 37.5
Chicago 37.0
Vancouver 32.0

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AL West Preview- 2016

AL West

Honolulu Dashboard Hula Dolls

jweatherman (10th season w/ club, 15th overall)

Last Season 96-66 (1st)

Key Additions: OF Phil Murphy (Trade – Fresno), P Ron Perry (FA)

Key Subtractions: OF Bruce Boucher (FA), P Edwards Beech (FA), P Edgardo Vincente (Trade – Fresno), P Leonardo Hume (FA)

Projected Starters

C – Damian Yoshii (.273, 11, 36)

1B – Jeff Jennings (.317, 38, 135)

2B – Walt Brown* (.331, 40, 113, 38 SB)

3B – Guillermo Nunez (.280, 33, 99, 20 SB)

SS – Alvin Standridge (.249, 45, 120)

LF – Scott Springer (.317, 23, 68, 50 SB)

CF – Eddie Henderson (.254, 5, 48)

RF – Phil Murphy (.315, 50, 138)

DH – Hub McNamara (.278, 32, 89)

Key Pitchers

SP – Eddie Baker (13-15, 4.39, 1.42)

SP – Ron Perry (14-10, 3.91, 1.37)

SP – Orlando Castilla (10-10, 4.67, 1.50)

RP – Dave Griffith (6-4, 3.99, 1.22)

CL – Norman Gordon (2-3, 35 SV, 3.02, 1.34)

S16 Outlook:

The Dashboard Hula Dolls limp into S16 after a disappointing first round exit in last season’s playoffs. A pitching staff that was more than shaky last season will be under a magnifying glass – particularly after the loss of S15’s only reliable starter, Edwards Beech, to FA. Veteran FA acquisition Ron Perry will try to live up to the hype that actually got a franchise named after him and one of Summer of ‘49’s all-time workhorses, Eddie Baker, should surpass the 200-win plateau.

Offensively, the addition of NL MVP candidate Phil Murphy bolsters what is already a team strength – beating the crap out of the ball. The DHDs will miss perennial MVP candidate Walt Brown for the first month of the season.

If the pitching staff performs, they win 100. If they pitch like its S15 again, they win 90.

Prediction: 93-69 (1st)

Vancouver Wanachi

TXLnghrn (3rd season)

Last Season 77-85 (3rd)

Key Additions:IF Phillip Ransom (Trade – KC), IF Matty Campos (Waivers), P Mule Black (Trade – Fresno)

Key Subtractions: OF Javier Rosado (FA), SS Ricardo Candelaria (FA), JD Boyer (Trade – KC)

Projected Starters

C – Tsuyoshi Hasegawa (.272, 32, 92)

1B – Willie Chavez (.275, 34, 110)

2B – Phillip Ransom (.302, 24, 75, 25 SB)

3B – Tom Torres (.268, 33, 109)

SS – Hal Carasone (.302, 14, 70)

LF – Dustin Charlton (.273, 17, 97, 33 SB…AAA)

CF – Hector Valentine (.263, 1, 41, 39 SB)

RF – Sean Pulsipher (.306, 17, 78)

DH – Ricardo Lopez (.321, 32, 86)

Key Pitchers

SP – Mule Black (12-13, 4.47, 1.40)

SP – Carter Schofield (7-7, 5.23, 1.57)

SP – Murray O’Neil (19-9, 4.64, 1.43)

SP – Micah Morton (1-2, 13 SV, 3.09, 1.13)

RP – Rabbit Byrd (0-1, 20 SV, 4.61, 1.65)

S16 Outlook:

Vancouver adds a solid mix of veteran and youthful pitching to a staff that’s arguably the best in the division. Acquiring SP Mule Black could end up the best move in the AL if he can deliver a playoff season. Murray O’Neil looks to replicate last season’s success. The rest of the staff brings a truckload of potential.

Offensively, sluggers Willie Chavez, Tom Torres and Ricardo Lopez welcome a solid top-of-the-lineup guy in Phillip Ransom to join Sean Pulsipher. Big follow-up seasons from Tsuyhoshi Hasegawa and Hal Carasone are huge in determining this season’s success.

Some solid off-season moves equal improvement, but not quite enough for the playoffs.

Prediction: 86-76 (2nd)

Kansas City Masterpieces

Fantasy Frea (10th season)

Last Season 79-83 (2nd)

Key Additions: P JD Boyer (Trade – Van)

Key Subtractions: OF Raul Andujar (Trade – SLC), IF Phillip Ransom (Trade – Van), OF DaRond Neal (FA), P Pascual Frias (FA)

Projected Starters

C – Pedro Vega (.343, 21, 102)

1B – Ralph Dixon (.292, 20, 83)

2B – Toby DiFelice (.340, 29, 113…AAA)

3B – Adrian Burroughs (.349, 14, 57)

SS – Dustin Wolcott (.326, 13, 98)

LF – Benny Alfonseca (.284, 16, 77)

CF – Dave Offerman (.271, 16, 77, 28 SB)

RF – Bill Piper (.318, 43, 141, 36 SB)

DH – Gordon Hines (.265, 29, 87)

Key Pitchers

SP – Fred Daal (11-15, 6.14, 1.63)

SP – JD Boyer (13-14, 4.49, 1.34)

SP – Omar Molina (14-10, 5.69, 1.64)

RP – Kirt Woolf (2-8, 14 SV, 4.81, 1.58)

RP – Mac Pearson (13-7, 3 SV, 4.28, 1.37)

S16 Outlook:

The Masterpieces were anything but last season after their impressive run in S14. A solid offense returns several key cogs. CF Dave Offerman is a budding star. He’s joined in the lineup by monster Bill Piper, doubles machine Ralph Dixon, and one of Summer of 49’s best offensive catchers in Pedro Vega.

JD Boyer was added from Vancouver to bolster the starting staff. Youngster Fred Daal must bounce back from a rough S15 and the Pieces must get consistent work from Omar Molina and a slew of young arms to make a run at a playoff berth. Reliever Kirt Woolf and Mac Pearson are solid multi-purpose guys who need to find a little help in the pen.

In the end, I think they’ll be a couple arms short of a run at the playoffs.

Prediction: 75-87 (3rd)

Las Vegas Sand Dollars (formerly Boise Mashers)

bradheld (6th season)

Last Season 66-96 (4th)

Key Additions: 1B Clinton Lindsay (FA), P Louie Neruda (FA)

Key Subtractions: UTIL Ken Pritchett (FA), P Hugh Catalanotto (FA)

Projected Starters

C – RJ Jacquez (.229, 20, 58)

1B – Clinton Lindsay (.304, 28, 114)

2B – Bobby Griffin (.264, 8, 60, 47 SB)

3B – Carl Brennaman (.245, 4, 20)

SS – Chun-Lim Wang (.277, 29, 115)

LF – Dean Crawford (.269, 22, 83, 38 SB)

CF – Jose Montanez (.252, 11, 44)

RF – Craig Quinn (.306, 12, 56, 32 SB)

DH – Ryan Ruffin (.279, 23, 80)

Key Pitchers

SP – Louie Neruda (14-7, 5.27, 1.45)

SP – Douglas Satterwhite (8-15, 6.16, 1.52)

SP – Alex Roque (11-11, 1 SV, 4.00, 1.31)

RP – Luis Wilfredo (0-0, 4.63, 1.34)

CL – Miguel Nunez ( 2-10, 30 SV, 5.21, 1.78)

S16 Outlook:

A move to Sin City might just be what the doctor ordered for the former Spuds. It’ll definitely increase interest in road trips to play the Sand Dollars!

Bradheld should show off a much improved lineup – thanks in part to the signing of FA 1B Clinton Lindsay providing stability in the middle of the order. More pop is needed for the Dollars to make noise in the division, but the pieces are starting to come together.

Louie Neruda was signed to be the ace of the staff that includes talented youngsters Douglas Satterwhite and Tyson Schneider. Alex Roque, Summer of 49’s answer to Jamie Moyer, just keeps on putting up solid numbers.

Luis Wilfredo and Miguel Santana provide a little help in the pen. Miguel Nunez better watch his back before he loses his closer job.

Overall, there are too many improvements to make this off-season to talk of moving out of the division basement, but they’re edging closer.

Prediction: 65-97 (4th)