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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Replacement Level Ratings- Year End Edition

So now that the regular season is over I computed the numbers for most valuable player per position group. I'm not estimating these numbers because I've got actual statistics, just not what my estimations had for players.

Replacement level was set at (AVG, OBP, SLG)
Catcher: .232/.304/.364
1B/COF/DH: .235/.303/.419
MIF/3B/CF: .226/.293/.373

Top 10 Catchers:

Julio Polanco (OK) 62.37
Gerald Williams (RIC) 59.21
Oswaldo Santayana (OTT) 57.18
Rafael Martin (CHA) 55.65
Pedro Vega (KC) 51.23
Quinn Smith (ROC) 50.02
Bronson Hawkins (LV) 45.86
Alex Sanchez (LOU) 45.67
Mateo Medrano (SLC) 43.57
Gus Cora (CHR) 43.32

Top 10 1B/COF/DH

Gregory Scott (NO) 101.38
Vic Tejada (NAS) 91.28
Peter Dong (RIC) 84.97
Bill Piper (KC) 74.48
Nick Regan (BOS) 72.22
Jeff Jennings (HON) 71.80
Jolbert Telemaco (PAW) 69.34
Brett Munoz (LR) 67.23
Clinton Lindsey (LV) 66.79
Don Wilkins (PAW) 66.30


Walt Brown (HON) 104.98
Dave Phillips (PAW) 102.23
Vic Gil (DOV) 85.08
Crash Hermanson (BOS) 83.81
Julio Segui (SWB) 81.86
Guillermo Estrada (BUR) 77.28
Trevor Moreno (BOS) 72.91
Chun-Lim Wang (LV) 64.98
Dan Franco (TOR) 63.66
Quilvio Cortes (DOV) 63.02

The numbers again are how many runs the player added compared to what an average team would be expected to score. More specifically the amount of runs they would add compared to a REPLACEMENT LEVEL player(which was defined above) would be expected to contribute. So that is why you see a couple MIF type guys have a lot of runs added. They put up 1B/COF numbers while being able to play a more demanding defensive position. Also these are just offensive statistics, so they don't look at how many runs a player might have given up because his defense was lousy(cough Crash Hermanson).

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