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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anaheim Sneaks Past Portland

Game 5 of the NL Divisional Play-In Game, turned out exactly the way the hype predicted. The Bombers Donne Rushford came through with a walk-off ground rule double over a drawn in outfield to push across the series clinching run against Portland. Giving Anaheim Bombers its first playoff series win.

The 29 year old, CF, had to be the least likely person the Showers were concerned with. Said Donnie in a post game interview, “ I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be invited to the post season after being sent down earlier in the year.”

Albert Pulido, (0-1) had this to say about the events leading up to the game winning hit. “ I just didn’t have good stuff out there.” Nick Wood did all he could to help the Showers advance going five innings allowing one run on four hits while striking out three. Nick was seen in the dugout arguing with the pitching coach, Homer Rogers, possibly about being pulled after only 70 pitches.

On to the next round for Anaheim where they will face the #2 seed Scranton Salt Dogs coming off their first round bye.

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