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Monday, December 29, 2008

Franchise Rankings...

Here is the next installment of our countdown to number 1. The teams listed 24-21 are below. I have also recapped the first 12 on our list just below that. Enjoy.

#24- Boston Chokers
Franchise Power Ranking: 25.5
Best Year: 84-78, S5 – Worst Year: 42-120, S2
Post Season Achievements: 2-Playoffs, 2-Division
Best Player: Carson McKnight
Best Pitcher: Marco Washington

#23- New York G-Men (Cincinnati)
Franchise Power Ranking: 27.5
Best Year: 92-70, S3 – Worst Year: 53-109, S9
Post Season Achievements: 2- Playoffs, 2-Wild Card
Best Player: Jeff Jennings
Best Pitcher: Thomas Richardson

#22- Anaheim Bombers
Franchise Power Ranking: 29.0
Best Year: 89-73, S7 – Worst Year: 52-110, S2
Post Season Achievements: 1-Playoffs, 1-Division
Best Player: Andrew Richard
Best Pitcher: Murray O'Neil

#21- Philadelphia Flying Fish
Franchise Power Ranking: 29
Best Year: 93-69, S5 – Worst Year: 57-105, S1
Post Season Achievements: 1- Playoff, 1- Wild Card
Best Player: Tony Flores
Best Pitcher: Rodrigo Unamuno

Here is a recap of the teams 21-32.

Philadelphia 29
Anaheim 29
Cincinnati 27.5
Boston 25.5
Iowa City 25
Trenton 24
New Orleans 23
Chicago 22
Santa Cruz 21
Wichita 21
Pawtucket 20
Salt Lake City 18.5

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