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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top Five Franchises......

Here they are, the top five teams over the past 9 seasons. In no particular order..... Ok, in one specific order....

#5- Syracuse Saltine Warriors
Franchise Power Ranking: 67.5
Best Year: 104-58, S1 – Worst Year: 76-86, S4
Post Season Achievements: 6- Playoffs, 4- Division, 2- Wild Card, 1- NLDS, 1- NLCS, 1-WS
Best Player: Mariano Alvarez
Best Pitcher: Bobby Allen

#4- Los Angeles Angelenos (Kansas City)
Franchise Power Ranking: 69.0
Best Year: 115-47, S5 – Worst Year: 74-88, S9
Post Season Achievements: 8-Playoffs, 6-Division, 2- Wild Card, 3- ALDS
Best Player: TBA
Best Pitcher: TBA

#3- St. Louis Cardinals
Franchise Power Ranking: 79.5
Best Year: 110-52, S3 – Worst Year: 55-107, S9
Post Season Achievements: 6- Playoffs, 3-Division, 3-NLDS, 2- NLCS, 1-WS
Best Player: Jacque Lee
Best Pitcher: Del Moreno

#2- Atlanta Bravos (Toledo)
Franchise Power Ranking: 80.5
Best Year: 104-58, S5 – Worst Year: 76-86, S7
Post Season Achievements: 5-Playoffs, 5- Division, 4-NLDS, 3-NLCS
Best Player: TBA
Best Pitcher: TBA

#1- Durham Daddies
Franchise Power Ranking: 191.0
Best Year: 134-28, S4 – Worst Year: 92-70, S1
Post Season Achievements: 9- Playoff, 8- Division 1- Wild Card, 7- ALDS, 7- ALCS, 5- WS
Best Player: Benny Alfonseca
Best Pitcher: Todd Damon

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