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Monday, August 3, 2009

Power Rankings

Here are the new power rankings taken from the stats pages. After adjusting points based upon how far above and below a team was compared to the world average, I totaled the points and grouped the teams in to different categories. It is a little complicated and will probably go through many changes before I feel comfortable with the ranking system.

For now, it is what it is....

The Elite Teams:

147.778- Washington DC
145.521- Syracuse

The Great Teams:

129.726- San Juan
113.549- Ottawa
111.519- Iowa City
93.424- Honolulu

The Above Teams:

80.011- Hartford
64.585- Charleston
44.988- Montgomery

The Middle Teams:

38.483- Chicago
36.189- Anaheim
23.903- New Orleans
19.909- Dover
17.579- Scranton
12.832- Toronto
12.815- New York
11.005- Kansas City
4.386- Boston
2.361- Portland
2.335- Las Vegas
-10.745- Toledo

The Below Teams:

-17.970- Detroit
-18.283- Pawtucket
-44.118- Oklahoma City
-46.542- St. Louis

The Teams Still Fighting:

-62.921- Arizona
-76.536- Salem
-100.956- Louisville

The What's Gone Wrong Teams:

-119.797- Nashville
-172.842- Boise
-200.617- Columbus
-210.357- Philadelphia

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