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Friday, August 14, 2009

Power Rankings- As Of 8-14-09 PM Games

Here are the Power Rankings for the past week. Scale is the same as the previous week.

Here are the division rankings:

AL SOUTH34.591
NL EAST26.944
NL NORTH25.724
AL NORTH16.726
AL WEST-14.51
NL SOUTH-24.94
AL EAST-39.74
NL WEST-47.78


Elite Teams
Washington D.C. 42's130.46
San Juan Wrecking Crew116.03
Syracuse Saltine Warriors111.69
Honolulu Hula Dolls105.86

Great Teams
Montgomery Daddies


Above Average
Ottawa Rocks

Scranton Salt Dogs68.26

Middle Teams
Anaheim Bombers

Toronto Make Believes47.94
Dover 'Necks47.74
Hartford Lebowskis46.57
Detroit Domination45.34
Pawtucket Privateers44.57
Toledo mudhens40.34

Below Average
Chicago White Sox

Iowa City Screwballs34.06
New Orleans Pelicans26.12
Oklahoma City Rams23.40
Louisville Derbies22.38

Fighting Chance
St. Louis Cardinals

New York Highlanders13.46
Kansas City Masterpieces10.17
Las Vegas Desert Devils4.86
Portland Showers3.76
Charleston Of Bricks1.48
Boston Chokers0.27

Somethings Gone Wrong
Nashville Thunder


Salem Synethesians


Don't Ask
Arizona Tuques

Philadelphia Flying Fish-72.21
Boise Mashers-87.96
Columbus Hammers-90.30

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