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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Polanco No-Nos Burlington!!

Detroit’s David Polanco threw a no hitter in yesterdays game against the Burlington Drunken Catamounts. This is the first no-no this season.
“I feel like a million dollars!” Polanco said after the game. The 26 year old, right hander completed the game on 93 pitches and only allowed four men to even reach base. In fact, he faced only one over the minimum, thanks to a three double plays to clean up two of the base on balls and one hit batter. The hardest hit ball was off the bat of Burlinton’s SS, Octavio Castro, a deep fly ball to center field that made it to the warning track.
This youngster has a promising career ahead of him. Should be fun watching him develop, as long as you are a team, NOT in the American League.

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