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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Power Poll-

Here is the first mid season power poll. There are some familiar names in the top ten as well as some new blood. It just goes to show that the league is getting more balanced as the seasons go by. Without further adu, here is the top ten:

1. Durham Daddies (22-6): This team is still the one beat. After a disappointing end to last season, this team has come out of the blocks on a mission. Look for them to stay near the top of this list all season.

2. Columbus Crush (22-6): Amazing start to the season. Offense is firing on all cylinders and the pitching seems to have gelled in the early part of the season. Will be interesting to see if it holds up all year.

3. Louisville Derbies (18-11): Here is an annual playoff contender and top NL squad. No surprises here; should be strong all season with a powerful offense putting up more runs then even Durham. If the pitching holds together, this team will be very hard to beat this year.

4. Charleston Chew (17-12): This team is fighting some early troubles; seems to have the pitching to compete with Durham, but the offense has yet to come around. Look for this team to find a way to score more runs, as they make another playoff push.

5. Syracuse Saltine Warriors (16-12): This team gets the nod over the defending WS champs, because of the better offense so far this season. The Warriors seem to have made a slight improvement over last years pitching staff. Should be playoff bound if the team can keep it together.

6. Ottawa Rocks (16-13): Seems the team is still suffering from a post season hangover after winning the WS. They are dangerously close to mediocre, but that's what the experts said about them last year.

7. Chicago hillbillies (18-11): This team should be ranked lower, but right now they are playing better then their stats show. With the amount of runs they are giving up, it will be hard to beat the likes of Durham and Columbus. If the team wants to move past the first round in the playoffs, they will have to tighten up the loose ends.

8. Toledo Dirt Roosters (16-12): Team is trying to make it back to the playoffs. So far this season looks like they will be good enough to make the dance, but won’t last very long if they continue to play like they are.

9. Vancouver Tuques (18-10): This team is ranked this low because of their low offensive numbers. Of the top ten teams, they have scored the least amount of runs. If it wasn’t for their pitching, they wouldn’t be this good. Time will tell if this team falls or will they start putting the pieces together and make a strong playoff push.

10. Richmond Rebels (17-12): This team is hanging in at the number ten position, if they want to stay there, they will have to start scoring more then their opponents. Right now they are giving up more then they push across. Tribute their good start to good managing and timely hitting in the close games.

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