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Friday, June 20, 2008

Power Poll

We are near the 60 game mark and its time for the second power poll. This power poll was compiled using a very sophisticated logarithm. If I were to tell you, I would have to kill you…… taking the teams with the best records, comparing ERA and Batting averages, I ranked the teams. Any ties were decided based on the fielding prowess of the teams involved in the tie. Let us get to the rankings:

1. Durham Daddies: (44-13) Previously (1), No changes here. They just keep rolling along.

2. Charleston Chew: (36-21) (4), This team is on a good roll right now, up two from last week. Making a big jump in this poll shows this reporter that management has this team heading in the right direction.

3. Syracuse Saltine Warriors: (36-21) (5), The Warriors are up two as well this week. Improvements in their batting and pitching since the last poll has propelled them to the top NL team in this weeks poll. Look for this team to stay put, if their bats stay hot.

4. Louisville Derbies: (39-18) (3), This team is kind of an anomaly. They are winning their games by simply out scoring their opponents. The Derbies are a notch below the Warriors because of their pitching. They have the worst pitching of the top 10 teams, but have a very potent offense. If this team wants to move back up the rankings, they will have to start finding a way to pitch better. We’ll see.

5. Columbus Crush: (36-21) (2), Maybe the pressure was too much for them. The Crush fall this week three spots because of their pitching. While this was one of the strengths in the early part of the year, they seem to have fallen back to earth. The bats are still working, but the pitching staff has ballooned to over five runs a game.

6. Toledo Dirt Roosters: (34-23) (8), The Roosters are starting their move to the top of the division. With Syracuse in their sites, it should be a good run to the NL East division title. Toledo seems to have come to a nice balance right now between pitching and hitting. If they continue at this pace, they will definitely improve on last years win total.

7. Washington 42’s: (33-24) (NR), The 42’s make the power rankings for the first time this season at number seven. schuyler101 seems to have the team coming together. They have made big strides this year and may even have their first winning season under Schuyler’s tutelage. Maybe management’s decision to keep him as GM has started to payoff.

8. Ottawa Rocks: (32-25) (6), The Rocks are hanging in there, hoping for a strong run like they had in 2007. Their pitching is among the league leaders, but the bats have gone cold. Quebec needs to light a fire under his team or they will continue to fall like “rocks”.

9. Vancouver Tuques: (32-25) (9), the Tuques are holding steady at number nine. Look for this team to make a move up this list, Eric has made some strong moves recently to improve the offense. We shall see if it is enough to hang on to the lead in the NL West.

10. Chicago hillbillies: (32-25) (7), This team maybe on its way out of the top ten. The hillbillies are giving up 5.5 runs a game. It is hard to continue winning even when you are hitting .289 as a team.

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